There are many reasons to choose us as a stable supplier:

1) Windfood is more than a trading company.
    Windfood is not just a trader but also invests in three factories located in Zhejiang, Shandong and Hubei respectively. However, Windfood is not only selling the products from these three factories but also many other items from other long-term relative factories, for example, for canned seafood, canned mushroom and canned pineapples etc. we have to buy from other relative factories as Windfood could not invest on all lines of canned food factories.
      We have set up the long-term and very friendly cooperation relationships with more than 60 serious producers in more than 10 provinces in China. Now all of our suppliers have the HACCP, ISO certificates, most of them also have the BRC, IFS, KOSHER and other third party audit certificates. Therefore, when we receive the orders from our clients, we are able to select the best suitable products to produce and pack for us according to their advantages.
2) Price and quality are our core value.
    We understand the price is one of the main factors you want to trade with factories directly. But Windfood always takes small margin with 2-3% and this won’t affect your final cost too much as we know. On the contrary, our cost will be much cheaper than what you ordered from other packers directly, because we’ve compared all pricings as well as the quality from many different packers including our own invested factories. So we can always provide you a reasonable and competitive cost with good quality. When we talk about price, we’ve to consider the quality as well. Windfood can supply many series of canned foods with good price and quality while the packer can produce only 1-3 items of them. For example, packers in Zhangzhou city of Fujian can produce only mushroom and asparagus, some only produce bamboo and they could not produce other canned fruits, most of seafood and other vegetables.
3) Windfood is always doing better than other traders and packers in service and after-service.
    Windfood managers have more than 20 years experience on canned foods production and in some fields Windfood can even teach many packers how to improve their quality especially for the packers located in inland city. Windfood, just like a advanced sourcing machine, can help you to find what you need at economic way. We have the same working time, holidays and way of socialize and communicate with packers in China. When we get special orders, it's easier for us to solve and balance the differences between foreign customers and packers. You don’t need to communicate with many single packers but Windfood only for all items you need, which can save you lots of time and energy. As a single packer and competitor, he is difficult to know other packers but Windfood can know all of them easily. Also most of packers are offering their products based on their packing costs while for same product, different packers have different packing costs. For example: the cost from one packer who produces 20fcl daily will be much different from the one who produces only 1-2fcl a day. 
4) We could supply other kinds of products for your except canned foods.
    Unlike many other factories only supply fruits or vegetables, Windfood can supply all kinds of canned fruits, vegetables and seafoods. We can also supply frozen fishes or other items you have interest in.
So Windfood can do a best job on sourcing all kinds of canned food with competitive price and good quality and good service. Windfood is not only a manufacturer or a trader but a best bridge/link for you to connect all single packers in China. Many packers in China also would like to trade with Windfood directly because of our responsibility, fast payment, full of experience and good communication with taking only small margin.


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