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Canned Food Vegetable

CANNED MIXED VEGETABLES, from 2 way to 9 way of mixtures, contains 2 or more of green peas / carrots / potato / sweet corn / kidney beans / green beans / bean sprouts / water chestnut / bamboo etc., vegetables, net wt at 400g/425g/2840g in steel tins and net wt at 340ml/580ml/720ml in glass jar, etc.
CANNED CUCUMBERS, gherkins in vinegar / marinated, whole/wave sliced, net wt at 680g (720ml) in glass jar, length 30-60mm / 60-90mm / 90-120mm, etc.
CANNED ARTICHOKES, whole / quarter, in brine / marinated, net wt at 314ml/720ml in glass jar and net wt at 184G/280g/400g/2500g/3000g etc. In steel tins.
CANNED ASPARAGUS in brine, white asparagus / green asparagus, whole spears / tip&cuts / all cuts, net wt at 212ml/314ml/370ml/580ml/720ml etc. In glass jar, net wt at 250g/430g/800g/2500g/3000g in steel tins, etc.
CANNED TOMATO, whole /diced/broken, peeled in natural juice, net wt at 400g/425g/2840g/3000g/3950g etc. In steel tins
CANNED WATER CHESTNUTS, whole/sliced/diced in water, net wt at 227g/2840g/3000g etc. In steel tins
CANNED GREEN BEANS, French / Chinese green beans, net wt at 400g/425g/2840g etc. In steel tins, and net wt at 370ml/580ml etc. In glass jars.
CANNED BAMBOO SHOOTS in water, sliced/diced/strips, net wt at 227g/567g/2950g/18kg in steel tins, etc.
CANNED GARLICS, in brine / in water, sliced/chopped/minced, net wt at 128g/170g/227g (4.5oz. / 6oz. / 8oz. In glass jar CANNED PUMKIN PUREE, pumkin puree / marinated, net wt at 425g/820g/850g/3000g etc, in steel tins
CANNED RED PEPPERS, in brine / in water, whole / sliced / diced, net wt at 850g/2500g/2840g etc, in steel tins CANNED TOMATO PASTE, tomato paste, tomato catsup, tomato puree, brix from 18-20% to 28-30%, net wt at 70g/198g/210g/400g/425g/800g/850g/2840g/3000g etc. In steel tins, with/without Easy-Open lid, labelled can or printed can.
CANNED WHITE POTATO, in brine / in water, whole/sliced/diced in water, net wt at 425g/3000g etc. In steel tins
CANNED BEAN SPROUTS in brine, mung bean / soy bean, net wt at 212ml/314ml/370ml/580ml/720ml in glass jar and net wt at 410g/425g etc. In steel tins

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